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Fourth Party Logistics (4PL)

MSC Logistics have a team of highly experienced Logistics and Supply Management professionals who are able to offer your organisation the following added value services. We would be pleased to discuss your detailed requirements, to show how these services can reduce your time and cost, as well as presenting a highly professional interface with your suppliers and customers.

a) Logistics and Supply Management Consultancy:
Using our proven methodology, let us review your complete Supply Chain Processes and recommend ways in which you can remove cost and inventory from your Supply Chain.

b) Supplier Evaluation and Selection (inc. Contract Negotiation):
We will review your purchases and supply patterns and prepare quotation documents that will ensure you receive quotes offering the optimum combination of quality, service and price. We will then facilitate selection of suppliers and negotiate on your behalf with the selected short-list, to provide a Supply Agreement that will guarantee you receive ongoing value for money.

c) Order Entry:
Using high quality personnel, systems and software, including the option of e-Commerce interfacing with your customers, we can manage your company’s order entry functions.

d) Planning/ Purchasing /Inventory Management:
We can take on full responsibility for calling up materials and managing inventory within your defined parameters.

e) Invoicing:
Again, to lighten your administrative load, we can also manage the process of issuing invoices to you customers on your behalf.

Work undertaken has included the following:

  • Review of costs of major raw materials for an international metals processing company, and recommendations on process improvements to improve conversion rates
  • Design and project management of the implementation of a new maintenance store for a multinational company, including all business processes
  • Design and implementation of a National Service Offer for delivery of retail goods to customers, including selection of carriers and charges to customer.
  • Analysis of and recommendations for improvement to clients’ manufacturing operations for a major packaging machinery manufacturer

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